Mom and Grace

Happy Mom = Happy Baby

Happiness is the heartbeat of Mom and Grace. Here all activities and learnings translate into joy.

MOM & GRACE-a Mother-Child program that focuses on nurturing a child’s development and enriching parenting skills. We primarily focus on stimulating the ever-evolving senses of a child to pleasant experiences through music, colours, movements, and play. Along with mothers we work on strengthening children’s motor skills, socio-emotional skills, and communication power. MOM & GRACE is unique because in the whole program mothers along with mentors create an environment that is full of joyous and meaningful experiences for the children at a very early phase of their life, which is very crucial for their brain development. Apart from that mothers are also educated about the different nuances of child development, cognition, learning processes, nutrition, mothers’ wellbeing, challenges of motherhood, etc.

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Who can participate - Mom and Baby (6 months to 2 years)

Programme Highlights

Motor Skills Development

Hand-eye Co-ordination

Multi-sensory Stimulation 

Communication Skills Development 

Socio-emotional Development

Development of Intellectual and Creative potential

Discourse on Early Child Development, Cognition and Learning

Dialogue on Motherhood and it's challenges And much more

This programme prepares babies for a stress-free and smooth transition to preschool.